Authenticity Matters

If you are always wondering if your supplement is authentic or not when buying it, you are not alone, we have all been in the same position. We will share information below on how to identify a genuine seller and product so that you always make the right choice.


  • Imported Product must have either an Importer Sticker or Importer details printed in the label
  • Product should have printed Expiry Date and Batch Number
  • Tax Paid Retail Invoice should be provided by the seller
  • Seller should be certified by the Brand or it’s official Importer

All the products at ProWay are sourced directly from the brands or the official importers and we are certified for distribution by them. Below are the details about our importers

View list of supplement importers
View Certifications by Brands or Official Importers


At, we strive to provide 100% authentic products to our customers by maintaining tight quality control during sourcing and distribution of supplements

We invest an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that our supply chain is perfectly clean and you always get the right product. You can always be sure that all the above points shared are met by us.


We’re all a family that loves to be healthy and fit, but when it comes to supplements to support it, we found it hard to find a good and authentic place, with the right products and at the right price! 

The problem with all available online stores was that all options were a marketplace. This means that the website was not delivering the products but only acted as a platform where anyone can come and sell their products. This is not the best situation when you need to ensure 100% authenticity of products as the website selling these never know what the 3rd party seller is actually sending to the customer via their website.

This is where we saw a huge problem to be solved.

THE SOLUTION? A website that lists no 3rd party seller, no middlemen, fulfills and ships direct to the customer, get certified by all the brands for authentic products and is able to offer comfortable price points at the same time.

Today, we have found huge success by solving this problem. We’re proud of it, and will continue to innovate and bring exciting products that help you become a better version of yourself.